Expert in Agile/SAFe, Deb Mitra, has joined the team

Deb was majorly involved in working in the airline, telecom and banking domains, using Agile and SAFe on some of the most widely used products by some of the world’s largest airlines, telecom companies and banks.

Building connections at Astrofest 2023

Two people standing next to a world map, lit up by LED lights to show the SRCNet

AusSRC joined in the fun at Astrofest, WA’s biggest annual astronomy event. We teamed up with SKAO to share our excitement about the SKA project with the local community. We spoke with people of all ages about the SRCNet, assisted by a large world map with flashing LED lights to simulate data racing around the network.

Partners with a common goal

Five people standing together, in the centre is a photo frame holding the AusSRC Partners Agreement.

“The AusSRC Partners will provide human resources, software and access to hardware that will translate the torrent of data collected by the SKA into useable data products for astronomy researchers.” says Chair of the AusSRC Board, Patricia Kelly.

It’s official: AusSRC now a joint venture

A framed document, showing the signed AusSRC partnership agreement.

The joint venture agreement was officially signed off in September 2023, an important milestone in the history of the AusSRC.

Held at the Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre, a signing ceremony took place on 22 October 2023, with members of the SKAO Council, Partners of the AusSRC and the broader Australian & international astronomy community in attendance.