Welcome Hasan Rayan as the Head of Software Development

The AusSRC is excited to introduce Hasan Rayan as our new Head of Software Development.

With over 17 years of experience spanning various organisations and companies, Hasan is a seasoned professional in software engineering and development, driven by a passion for harnessing technology to tackle real-world challenges.

“I am excited to join the team that is exploring the universe.”

From designing web interfaces to developing robust backend tools and APIs, Hasan’s expertise has been pivotal in streamlining critical workflows. With a proven track record of driving innovation and delivering impactful solutions, he is committed to pushing the boundaries of software development in the pursuit of scientific excellence and technological advancement. 

Hasan joins AusSRC management team and will lead our software development team, which is creating software tools and systems aimed at empowering scientists within the international SRC Network and facilitating its prototyping endeavours.

Notable among his projects is the Pawsey Application Portal, a user-friendly platform facilitating seamless application submissions and allocation management. Through close collaboration with stakeholders and the help desk, Hasan ensured the portal evolved to meet user needs, integrating authentication processes with the Australian Access Federation (AAF) for enhanced security. He also crafted the ASVO MWA portal, making vast volumes of publicly available data produced by the MWA telescope accessible to the radio astronomy community. 

Beyond Pawsey, Hasan has made significant impacts in the Telecom and Tech Startup industries, spearheading diverse web and mobile platform initiatives. In a previous role, he demonstrated proficiency in architecting robust solutions, notably leading the development of an Australian ISP Data Retention System and crafting enterprise-grade file sync and share platforms. Hasan’s contributions, from revolutionising airport operations with a Bluetooth-beacon system management platform to incentivising energy conservation through a utility bill tracking portal with rewards, have been transformative.