Partners with a common goal

The AusSRC would be nothing without its partners: CSIRO: – Australia’s national science agency, Curtin University, the Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre and the University of Western Australia.

The joint venture agreement between these Partners was officially signed off last month, marking a historic step forward for the AusSRC.

In 2022, the Federal Government awarded the AusSRC a grant of $63 million to support the first 10 years of AusSRC operations. Alongside additional contributions from the four partner organisations, the AusSRC will be investing more than $90 million over the next 10 years.

With this funding, the AusSRC will curate and deliver SKA data and data products, says Patricia Kelly, Chair of the AusSRC Board.

“The AusSRC Partners will provide human resources, software and access to hardware that will translate the torrent of data collected by the SKA into useable data products for astronomy researchers.”

Five people standing together, in the centre is a photo frame holding the AusSRC Partners Agreement.

Pictured L-R at the official signing ceremony, held at the Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre, 22 October 2023: 

Mark Stickells – Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre, Prof Steven Tingay – Curtin University, Patricia Kelly, Chair of the AusSRC Board, Prof Peter Quinn – University of Western Australia, and Dr Douglas Bock – CSIRO.