Big data and business: introducing Dr Kathryn Barker

Pictured: Dr Kathryn Barker, the new Business Manager for the AusSRC.

The AusSRC is excited to introduce Dr Kathryn Barker as our new Business Manager.

Working in big data is nothing new for Kathryn, having joined us from the Curtin Institute for Data Science. She has also worked with the European Space Agency and the European Union having worked as a project manager and engineer on large scale Earth Observation data projects contracted out by the European Space Agency and the European Union. Kathryn has previously been employed by Curtin University, Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre and the University of Western Australia, three of the four AusSRC Partners.

Kathryn will be responsible for developing policies, budgets and strategic planning, as well as being part of the overall management team at the AusSRC. 

She is especially looking forward to working with the growing team. 

“After a career in Earth Observation I’m now excited to start working on a project that is about looking up to the skies instead!”

Kathryn’s passion for STEM shines through, with a background in oceanography, marine biology, environmental sciences, and a PhD in marine biogeochemistry.

Kathryn’s business savvy credentials extend to her own start up business based on the AFID project, which uses AI to assess, count and measure fish populations off the coast of Western Australia for conservation purposes.