AusSRC hosts key stakeholders event

Off the back of the SKA Construction Commencement Ceremony in early December, the AusSRC hosted a Key Stakeholders Event. Held in the fancy new interactive space at the Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre, the event was attended by around 30 guests from local, interstate, and overseas.

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Lightning fast: Birli in action

Birli is the Wajarri word for ‘lightning’, a common cause of outages on the MWA site. Birli is the next generation MWA pre-processing pipeline which is now feature complete.

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Introducing the Australian SKA Regional Centre

Based at ICRAR and CSIRO in Perth, the Australian SKA Regional Centre (shortened to AusSRC, “Oz-S.R.C.”) is the Australian contingent of an international network of SKA Regional Centres. These Centres will be a global computing and data delivery network that will provide the connection between the SKA telescopes and the science community.

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SKA 101: Australia’s involvement

SKA 101: Australia’s involvement Australia will host the SKA Observatory’s low frequency telescope (SKA-Low). SKA-Low will comprise an array of 131,072 ‘Christmas tree-shaped’ antennas, grouped

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